UCI: Women

Country: Canada

Our mission is to promote an interest and passion for women’s high-level cycling. We are committed to offer young and talented Canadian cyclists the opportunity to compete in the Canadian, continental and international elite arena. Our professional attitude in all our activities, races, training and promotional activities, prove that we are true ambassadors of this sport.


ALLIN Pauline02.05.1995FRA
BAZIN Marjolaine23.05.1986FRA
BEDARD Emma24.07.1989CAN
BILODEAU Veronique15.11.1989CAN
FERRIER BRUNEAU Christel08.07.1979CAN
JEULAND Pascale02.06.1987FRA
LAMBOLEY Soline11.10.1996FRA
LAROSE-GINGRAS Frédérique12.01.1994CAN
MENA SOLANO Milagro Consuelo30.04.1993CRC
OSSOLA Irena18.04.1988USA
PROVOST Adriane19.12.1992CAN
RASMUSSEN Sarah27.10.1992CAN
SACHET Iris29.05.1994FRA

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