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Four years. We warrantee all products to be free from defect in material and workmanship for four years from the original date of purchase.
No. ADVENT X has a different cable pull than Shimano 10 speed products. ADVENT X shifters and derailleurs works best with ADVENT X.
ADVENT X is compatible with standard 10 speed cassette spacing. We suggest using a cassette with a max cog ranging between 46t and 48t. You can go smaller, but it will negatively affect shifting.
Most of the time, the spacer is stuck to the cassette lockring inside the packaging. If that’s not the case, please reach out to our service team via the contact us form.
All our brake levers are compatible with short pull mechanical calipers. We do not offer a hydraulic brake lever.
  • Our derailleurs work best within their suggested max cog range. 42-46t for Acolyte and Advent. 46-48t for ADVENT X. Moving to a smaller range will work, but it will also increase the distance between your guide pulley and the cogs of your cassette. This will result in slower, sluggish shifting, and our engineers will be disappointed in you.
  • If you exceed the max cog specification, you can stress the system, damage your derailleur, and negatively affect shifting.
  • You can, but we encourage you to keep within the specified max cog range. 42t-46t for Acolyte and Advent. 46t-48t for ADVENT X.

    You do not have to disassemble any of our shifters to replace the cable. Instructions can be found here. To summarize, using the upper shift lever, shift all the way into the highest gear (smallest cog). Remove the cable cap* (marked in red). Undo the cable fixing bolt on the derailleur. Remove old cable by pushing the cable head through the cable port. Route the new cable, narrow side first, into the cable port and out through the barrel adjuster. Make sure the cable head is fully seated.

    *Some shifters may not have a cable cap; in that case the cable port sits next to the upper shift lever.

    Verify that your b-tension screw is adjusted properly. The adjustment should allow for an 11-13mm gap for Acolyte/Advent and a 15-17mm gap for Advent X between the guide pulley and largest cog of the cassette. If that adjustment cannot be made, there is a good chance that your chain is too long.  Most derailleur cages are eccentric.  As the cage is pulled towards the chainring, the guide pulley is then moved out of the way of the larger cogs of the cassette.  Too much slack in the chain will allow the guide pulley to rest on the largest cog.

    Proper b-tension adjustment can make the shifts into the larger cogs easier. When set properly the distance between the Acolyte derailleur’s guide pulley and largest cog of the cassette should be 11-13mm. The b-tension screw is located above the limit screws near the derailleur hanger.
    Standard Acolyte works well with most 24” wheels. Check to make sure the rear wheel has a standard HG freehub and not a freewheel.
    No. As our products become more successful, counterfeits become more common. Make sure you’re buying from a trustworthy source.
    We’re doing our best to make microSHIFT products available everywhere, all the time. We do our best to fulfill all orders as fast as possible, but sometimes supply does not keep up with demand. If your local distributor doesn’t carry microSHIFT, ask them to.

    If jockey wheels or other service parts are not available in your area, please contact and we’ll do our best to help.

    No. Advent has its own cable pull – it’s much longer than R9 to accommodate a wide range cassette. They do not work well together.
    No. There are two types of mounts: MTB and road specific. The mountain shifter has a larger diameter, in order to allow for more throw. As a result, the MTB mount is larger.
    Most our products use standard Shimano-style brake and shifter cables. The exception is our DS- and DN- series twist shifter, which uses a Campagnolo-style cable.
    No, we work exclusively with regional distributors to sell our products.
    We work with regional distributors to make products available around the world. We’re working to improve our coverage, but if you can’t find a product locally, try an online retailer.

    Remove the clutch cover with a Phillips head screwdriver. Tighten the clutch bolt with a T15 torx at quarter turn increments. This will add pressure to the friction washers and strengthen the clutch. Clutch strength can be tested by hand throughout the process.

    Yes. Our cassette rivets are not a structural part of the cassette. They hold most of the cogs/spacers together inside the packaging and make cassette installation easier. (The cassette lockring holds everything together when installed on the freehub body).

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