More chain wrap
More stability
More capable than ever
This is you.
You like to move fast and break things.

If you take the wrong line, you want your derailleur to have your back. We do too, which is why we designed a new and improved cage for ADVENT X.

This is ADVENT X Ver.2
It shifts better, even when you're riding hard.

With a shorter cage and revised pulley position, ADVENT X Ver.2 has more chain wrap on both the cassette teeth and the derailleur pulleys. Having more teeth engaged improves shifting response, cassette durability, and even chain retention.

In other words,

When you come back down
everything's going to be OK.
How does it work?

By moving the guide pulley forward and the tension pulley back, the Ver.2 cage gives the chain a more exaggerated “S” curve as it moves through the derailleur.

As the derailleur shifts, more pulley teeth are engaged to push the chain to the next gear, and the chain will find a ramp on the cassette more quickly.

Longer Cassette Life

For high torque applications like e-bikes (or just naturally overpowered cyclists like yourself), having more teeth engaged means that your cassette will last longer. The Ver.2 cage is especially designed to extend the wear life on the smallest cogs on the cassette (which often see the most wear).

Launch Angle

An optimized chain path allows the Ver.2 cage to sit more horizontally. The cage itself is also 20mm shorter than the original ADVENT X.

That means when you get vertical, the cage will move less when you land. We can’t guarantee that you’ll be rubber side down, but the drivetrain will be more secure, so that’s nice.

Compatibility and Installation

Of course, it’s not our style to make a new product that isn’t compatible with the old one, so the new Ver.2 cage rear derailleur is compatible with existing ADVENT X shifters and cassettes.

The installation process is a little different, so heads up on that. Check out the new instructions below to find out what changed (spoiler alert: the B-tension adjustment keeps the upper pulley much closer to the cassette).

Now get out there and break stuff.

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