Rider: Martha Gill / Photo: Gerry Paddock / Video: Tom Caldwell

Here at microSHIFT, we really like derailleurs. We spend A LOT of time thinking about them. During development of our groundbreaking ADVENT X group, we refined our designs over and over to make sure the group performed way above expectations and packed in as many features as possible.

All these features are great, but let’s be real: ADVENT X can’t shift your weight on a rooty climb, it can’t pick a safe line down a muddy chute, and it can’t tell you which rocks are the most fun to bunny hop.   That’s the hard part, and the fun part – and it’s all on you.  We just engineered ADVENT X to allow you to focus on what matters.

To show you how this is all supposed to work, we had microSHIFT sponsored rider Martha Gill test out ADVENT X to see how all those features handle normal UK conditions.

Feature: Repairable ratchet-and-pawl clutch that can be easily adjusted to customize chain tension for your riding style.

Real World Result: Take whatever stupid line you want without worrying about whether your chain will stay on.

Feature: Lightweight cassette with the wider spacing that comes from having 10 speeds instead of 12.

Real World Result: Better mud tolerance keeps you riding no matter how “lost” you get.

Feature: Smooth, ergonomic shifter with clear, positive engagement.

Real World Result: Attack the trail without having to worry about whether you shifted or not.

So, we’ll keep focusing on what matters to us: making the best drivetrain possible.  All we need from you is to take it out for a spin.

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