Three groups (with crash replacements for a year):
— 1x ADVENT X Group (Trail Trigger Pro + Alloy Cage and Cassette)
— 1x ADVENT Group (Trail Trigger Pro + Medium Cage + 11-46 cassette)
— 1x Acolyte Group (Quick Trigger Pro + Medium Cage + 12-46 cassette)

Fashion Accessories:
— 1x “microSHIFT Loves Mechanics” Tee
— 1x “Most Successful Drivetrain Company” Tee
— 1x microSHIFT Hat
— 1x Fabulous Sticker Pack


We want to sponsor people that work on bikes and make riding better for others. You don’t necessarily have to be a professional mechanic, but you do need a workspace and some evidence that your wrenches make cycling more fun for others.


We want to hear your story. The steps are simple. 

— Click on the apply button below
— Fill out the form
— Make sure you get a confirmation email
— We pick 10 winners at the end of June
— Bob’s your uncle

Why are we doing this?

Most sponsorships focus on riders, and that makes sense — riding is fun! But who keeps those riders riding?

It takes at least as much knowledge, expertise, and skill to fix a bike well as it does to ride it well. So, we decided to put our money where our mouth is and offer a sponsorship package for deserving mechanics. We want to thank good mechanics, and also inspire them to find new ways to make riding better.

microSHIFT + Mechanics:
Better Together

Fixing bikes isn’t always a walk in the park, but we’re doing everything we can to make it easier. We offer a 4-year hassle-free warranty on all our products for just that reason. 

From installation to maintenance to replacement, we put the focus squarely on ease of use and durability. Pair that with our innovative features and price points, and you’ve got products that won’t let riders down (and might even make their bikes more fun to ride). Sounds like a win-win.

We're Mechanics Too

Sure, maybe our engineers spend a little more time on the computer, but at the end of the day they’ve got the same goal as every mechanic: make bikes work better. From design to prototype to product, our process takes knowledge, expertise, and creativity — in other words, the same things it takes to be a good mechanic. If we do our job well, it makes your job easier, and that makes riding bikes more fun for everyone.

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