Progression Starts Here

Progression Starts Here

There are plenty of obstacles in the trail – don’t let your drivetrain be one of them. Our all-new Acolyte group delivers the wide range and simplicity of a top-of-the-line shifting system, all at a price point that would make sense on your first bike. With rock solid chain retention, intuitive shifting action, and enough gear range to climb a wall, you’ll be free to focus on what’s important: building your skills.


The heart of the Acolyte derailleur is our innovative SpringLock system. By pairing a customized linear rate high tension spring and a dual stage activation mechanism, we’ve developed a system that can provide substantial chain security when you need it and can be turned off when you don’t.


You can’t work on your skills if you’re walking. We built Acolyte around an 8-speed, 12-46T cassette to give you all the range you need to challenge yourself. Whether you’re climbing the Cascades or the neighborhood sledding hill, all you have to think about is where to put the bike – Acolyte will take care of the rest

Shifting Made Easy

The Acolyte shifter takes the learning curve out of changing gears.  We designed it to be as simple and intuitive as possible: index finger makes it harder, thumb makes it easier.  That’s all you need to know.  Add in a crystal clear gear indicator and microSHIFT’s signature light yet positive action, and you’ve got the perfect entry point for your off road adventures.

Designed for 20" Wheels

The ideal mountain bike drivetrain for kids has arrived. Every detail is covered, including a trigger shifter with short reach and easy actuation for small hands, a derailleur with a real clutch and full metal construction for hard riding, and a cassette with wide enough range to climb with the adults.