Designed to Survive

Designed to Survive

Range. Chain security. Responsive shifting. ADVENT delivers everything you expect from a modern drivetrain, all in a simple 9 speed system that can stand up to the toughest conditions. Some drivetrains are designed to impress your friends – ADVENT is designed to survive.


ADVENT’s wide 9-speed chain and rugged design make it the most tolerant, durable 1x drivetrain on the market. In conditions where other derailleurs need adjustment and maintenance, ADVENT just keeps shifting.  


With both an 11-42t and 11-46T cassette option, you can choose the right range for your terrain and riding style.  We worked hard to make sure the gear ratios are evenly spaced between cogs so that each gear change is as predictable as possible, meaning you can concentrate on clearing features instead of picking a gear.  And like all our cassettes, the ADVENT cassette fits on a standard freehub body, meaning you don’t have to upgrade your hubs to ride it.


With the same Trail Trigger Pro shifter as our ADVENT X group, you get the controls right where your thumb wants them, so you never have to compromise your grip to shift. With an integrated silicone traction pad and our signature “light and clicky” lever action, this might just be your new favorite shifter.

Designed for 20" Wheels

The ideal mountain bike drivetrain for kids has arrived. Every detail is covered, including a trigger shifter with short reach and easy actuation for small hands, a derailleur with a real clutch and full metal construction for hard riding, and a cassette with wide enough range to climb with the adults.


If the Trail Trigger shifter isn’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of other options.  No other MTB drivetrain offers as many different compatible shifters, including integrated road shifters, bar-end shifters, and even retro-style thumb shifters.  Whatever your handlebar preference, ADVENT has you covered.

Designed to Survive