Carrie Copson

Carrie Copson


Macclesfield, England


How did you get into cycling?

I was on two wheels from the age of 2 and was a cycling fiend from then on! I always thought that mountain biking looked awesome after I saw some family friends shredding in their backyard, but I never really pushed the boat out with it until I heard of a local spot a few miles away. After braving this spot on an old hard tail I rummaged out of the shed, I instantly fell in love with the buzz and smile that mountain biking leaves you with!

What are your goals on the bike over the next few years?

Of Course, my main goal with mountain biking is to have fun! Alongside riding my local spots and, over the next couple of years I’d love to continue with all the racing and competitions I’ve been doing and start to enter some higher level ones when the time comes round. I want to continue to push myself both off and on the bike and hopefully get more involved within the mountain biking scene to get myself out there! Like I said though, my main goal is to continue to have as much fun on my bike as I possibly can! It’s all about the smiles and good times at the end of the day.

What's an interesting fact about you that not everyone knows?

I also play football, and recently became the u15 champions of Cheshire!

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