Erice van Leuven

How did you get into cycling?

My big brothers had grown out of their 12” then 16” bikes - we lived on a hill and it wasn’t long before they became pretty decent track builders, so rude not to really.

What are your goals on the bike over the next few years?

Up till now it’s been pretty chill, riding with family/friends and in the local Wellington club enduro events (which has been totally awesome). More recently I’ve had a fair bit of success with the Wellington leg of the National DH series and earlier this year I’ve ridden further afield, had an epic South Island roadie late summer, so going into the 21-22 season I’ll look to step up both enduro and DH comps and try and bust out a few more tricks on the jump bike.

What's an interesting fact about you that not everyone knows?

Well, most people have seen it (on my head), many times! but not that many know I made it...

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