Smart Deck Design Twist Shifter – DS45-7R

The next generation of twist type shifter – DS45-7R

DS45 is our newest innovated twist type shifter. As transmission producers are all talking about E-shifting and more higher cost of high end products, we felt a huge part of customers were left behind- the amateur riders and the beginners. The current entry level products have not been updated for years, or even up to two decades. It is time to bring something new to spice up the entry level market.

The entry level bicycles are mostly for beginners, amateurs, or children. How do we make bicycle more interesting to them and what do they really need? microSHIFT, as one of the transmission producers, took these questions seriously as it is our responsibility to provide a solution. With a decent study and research, we found most riders have no idea about what drive train is, or even not using them at all; don’t even bother to ask how they works or when to use. For those that kind of know to shift, they twist either way to feel if that’s the one they feel right. If not, then try turning the other way. For those that don’t know how to shift, they keep pedaling hard.


The all new DS45 comes with microSHIFT’s innovated Smart Deck design: a very intuitive indicator showing what gear is more suitable for current riding condition. Indicating riding uphill or turtle (slow) when change to 1st speed and indicating downhill or rabbit (fast) when change to 7th speed.

Most importantly, Low Torque Technology that lowers 30% of torque required than previous generation of twist shifter; more effortless for children and amateur riders.

We make the drive train education built-in the DS45 shifter, and we believe that can just make transmission or joy of riding bicycle more amateur friendly.  Clever! isn’t it ?